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"■■'.■'•:•"■'■' v 




G%Z £E6B c ri'D 


Editor John S. VanSyckel 

Staff Mary Lee Clark 

Rosemary Lemay 

George Baldwin 

Doug McGee 

Mike Barry 

Jean McEnroe 




For two years Massasoit 

has formed the nucleus of our lives. 

From her guidance we have 

molded the designs of our personalities 

our attitudes . . . our lives. 

Ktt <«!>}' 


p f?ES\0^ 



The patterns of our lives 

are a kaleidoscope of movement, 

change and expansion 

Yearly these patterns 

have shifted and assumed 

varied forms as we have progressed, 

as we have learned, 

as we have deepened our understanding. 

I >T0f0undio 
I nspir jtion j| 

Ihr C»ospfl^|(rordmcf 




Hf fording 



\sm wrjM 



ffiWmL - 

fli ^^ 7 ', \> 

f ^ 


Courses, professors, music, 
sports, and mixers — all have 
contributed a piece to the design. 

Our design at Massasoit has been 
based on change- 
changes in attitudes, friends, 



The change has been gradual perhaps 
imperceptible; but we have changed. 
Change is life and what Massasoit has 
given us is a taste of this life. 


Now it is time to leave, to 
become planners of the far larger 
design of society. 



Our individual designs will continue to 
shift as we go our separate ways, 
on for higher degrees . . . jobs . . . 



But always we will have within us 

the reflections of designs we acquired at 

Massasoit Community College. 






r 'wx** 





The namesake of this college, Massasoit, was born within the present boundries of 
Massachusetts in 1580. His tribe, the Wampanoags, were located throughout the 
regions of Bristol, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. The Wampanoags, who had 
at one time numbered several thousand, had almost been destroyed by an 
epidemic just before the arrival of the "Mayflower." 

In March of 1621, an Indian appeared in Plymouth, and surprised the Pilgrims by 
speaking to them in English. He was Samoset, and had come to arrange a meeting 
between the Governor of Plymouth, William Bradford, and the Chief of the 
Wampanoags, Massasoit. A week later a treaty of peace was signed by the two 
men, a treaty which held without violation for fifty-four years. 

In 1623, Massasoit became ill and was visited by Edward Winslow who effected a 
cure. In return, Massasoit revealed that a neighboring tribe was to make an attack 
on the white men. 

All through his reign as chief, Massasoit made a practice of living in harmony 
with the colonists. A writer of the period said of him: 

"He was a chief renowned more in peace than war, and was, as long 
as he lived, a friend to the English, even as they committed repeated 
usurpations upon his land and liberties." 

Little is known about the chief from 1649, when he sold the site of Duxbury to 
the English, until his death in 1662. 









Massasoit is a young school, this creates many exciting opportunities. One of these 
opportunities is that the students give birth to what will become the traditions of 

Each year the yearbook should be dedicated to the professor who has done the 
most to help the students of the college. 

The 1969 yearbook staff proudly dedicates Legend '69 to Professor John D. 
McPeake, Massasoit' s director of student activities. 









^M ■ 5> 





-.-. r: '"■'.■■■■ - 

Dr. John W. Musselman 



Colonel Phillip B. Melody 
Dean Of Faculty 

Roy Simmons, Jr. 
Dean of Students 




Ilda Terrazzano 
Secretary to the President 

Joyce Tunnicliff 

Nancy Adams 


Regina Catalano 

Mary Bordinelli 

Judith Spencer 

Business Administration — Secretarial Science 

Caroleann Bready 

Business Administration — Secretarial Science 

Philip Pergola 

Benjamin E. Pike 

Joanne M. Landry 

James R. Thrower 

88 ! >^^X\& 

, iK9flG| 3 w ' 

|^ J 


\ j^H 


^~ 1 



S ■ flB^B -* ; t^B 

i : ''^v-l 

<E&K /i^ ■ 

• tt>\ '! i H rt*\>- 

' fl /. aH '<>'*lCi.s*K4t 

•"■•:."■■■•■■•• v^tSBI 

■., ;i '->:;;• ; $8jjl[ 

- V 

Electro Mechanical — Electronic Engineering 




Henry Haff 



Edward J. Williamson 



Jo Ann F. Morici 

Nurse Education 



Language — Arts 

G. William Arnold 

, fit I 

S ' <Lr7 -^ 

""ZTf J 
1 ^ 

1 ^rf*- • j "P 


Charles T. Caputo 

Language — Arts 

Ann C. Lo Dolce 

Language - Arts 

Marilyn G. Maxwell 

John F. Norton 

Roy A. Smith Jr. 

Peter Coburn 

William G. Coggan 

Social Sciences 


Social Sciences 


Social Sciences 

Raymond C. Duhamel 


Robert A. Demers 


- - i 72Xi .■■■:■ £A,W 


Roland E. Guilbault 

Linda L. Harris 

Frank W. Johnson Jr. 

Robert P. Ouelette 






■ 9 





Eric Aim 920 Union St. E. Bridge water, Mass. 
guitar, dancebands, guitar teacher 

LATE Interests: 

Fred Baker 66 Grant St. W. Bridgewater, Mass. 
ties: work-study volleyball, voting committee 

BAC Activi- 

George Baldwin 744 Montello St. Brockton, Mass. LAG Activi- 
ties: Green Key 1, 2 Student Forum Freshman Orientation Com- 
mittee 2 Who's Who in American Junior Colleges Committee 2 
Basketball 1, 2 Yearbook Staff 2 Chief Massasoit 2 Surf Club 
Book Store Interests good times 

Paul J. Barakauskas 314 Field St. Brockton, Mass. BAT Ac- 
tivities: Intermural Football 1, 2 

Joseph Barbuto 43 Sunny Plain Ave. Weymouth, Mass. BAC 

Maurice Barrett 103 Belmont Ave. Brockton, Mass. BACA 

Michael P. Barry 48 Olson St. Abington, Mass. BAC Activi- 
ties: Intermural Football 1, 2 Yearbook Staff 1, 2 Karate Klub 


Wayne Bearce 241 South St. Foxboro, Mass. 
Skiing Bike-scrambling 

ET Interests: 

Josephine Bernard 783 Randolf St. S. Weymouth LATE 

Richard A. Biviano 126 Ridge Rd. Marshfield, Mass. BAC 
Activities: Intermural Football 2 Surf Club 1 Dance Committee 1, 
2 Chess Club 2 

Anne Boncoddo 54 Selwyn Rd. Braintree, Mass. LATE Activi- 
ties: Chorus 2 Glee Club 2 Newman Club 2 Ski Club 1, 2 Cheer- 
leader 1 Massasoit Day Committee 1, 2 

Johnee Bowers 1 1 Carmine Ave. Foxboro, Mass. LATH Activi- 
ties: Literary Guild 1, 2 Interests Art Writing Singing 

Francine Bova 48 Appletree Lane Weymouth, Mass. LAG Ac- 
tivities: Cheerleader 1 Co-captain 2 Student Council 1 Rep. Class 
of 1969 Ski Club 1, 2 Chorus 2 Volleyball 1, 2 Interests: 
Dancing Basketball games Spanish Teacher 

Eric Aim 

Fred Baker 

George Baldwin 




Joseph Barbuto 

Marice Barrett 

Paul Barakauskas 

Michael P. Barry 

Wayne Bearce 

Josephine Bernard 

Francine Bova 

Richard Biviano 

Ann Boncoddo 

Johnee Bowers 

Susan Barnes 

Judith Bradeen 

Susan Barnes 125 Magoun Ave. Brockton, Mass. Ex C 
Judith Bradeen Stoney Brook La. Norwell, Mass. LAG 
Joseph Brennan 24 Braeburn Ave. Bryantville, Mass. LAG 

Joseph Brennan 

Suzanne Brith 731 Country Way No. Scituate, Mass. LATH 

Linda Buchanan 121 Brookside Rd. Braintree, Mass. LATH 

David Bugbee 360 Broad St. Weymouth, Mass. LAG Activi- 
ties: Surf Club 1, 2 Interests: The finer things in life 

Barbara Bulva 96 Pinetree Dr. Hanover, Mass. Ex. S 

James R. Burbank 92 Hill St. Brockton, Mass. LATH Activi- 
ties: Sign Shop 2 

Paul Burns 14 Maple St. Easton, Mass. BAT Activities: Inter- 
mural Basketball 1 Burnsey 

William Butler 69 Emmet St. Brockton, Mass. LAT Interests: 
sports politics music Bill 

Gail E. Campbell 88 Charles St. Whitman, Mass. LATE Ac- 
tivities: Newspaper Staff 1, 2, Newman Club 1, Vice-President 2 

Anne M. Caldwell 31 Glenrose Ave. Braintree, Mass. Ex. S 

Susan Cantara 37 Court St. Whitman, Mass. BACA Activi- 
ties: Radio Club 1 

"Hk IpBS 



Linda Buchanan 

David Bugbee 

Suzanne Brith 

Paul Bums 

Barbara Bulva 

James R. Burbank 

Susan Cantara 

William Butler 

Gail E. Campbell 

Anne M. Caldwell 



Charles Caron 

Richard Cerci 

Kathy F. Clark 

Ovila Case 

Sheila A. Collins 

James Castagnozzi 

Marjorie Chapman 

David F. Condon 

Barbara Clark 

James E. Condon 



t.-.-i ' 

Charles Car on 67 Old Coach Rd. Braintree, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Ski Club 1, 2 Massa Cova 2 

Ovila Case 883 Bedford St. Abington, Mass. BAC 

James Castagnozzi 22 Leonard Rd. N. Weymouth, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Intermural Football 1, 2 Weight Lifting Club 2 
Baseball 1, 2 Ding 

Richard Cerci 487 Brockton Ave. Abington, Mass. BAC 

Activities: Student Government 1, 2 Surf Club 1, 2 Student 

Activities Committee 2 Intermural Volleyball 1, 2 Intermural 
Basketball 1, 2 

Marjorie Chapman 89 Pleasant St. N. Attleboro, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Adult Tutoring Group 2 

Barbara Clark 11 Caldwell St. Weymouth, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Karate Klub 2 Yearbook Staff 2 Interests: ice skating 
travel tennis water-skiing B.C. 

Kathy F. Clark 49 Levering St. Brockton, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Radio Club 2 Ski Club 1, 2 Newman Club 2 Intermural 
Basketball 1, 2 Intermural Volleyball 1, 2 

Sheila A. Collins 25 Calvin St. Braintree, Mass. LATE 

David F. Condon 115 Webster St. Rockland, Mass. LAG 

James Edward Condon 23 Wales St. Abington, Mass. LAG Jay 

Margaret Corbett 166 Rockland St. Canton, Mass. LATE 

Ruth Susan Couite 39 Copeland Street, W. Bridgewater, Mass. 

Robert Crock 18 Linda Ave., Brockton, Mass. LAG Disc 
Jockey 1, Manager 2 Uncle Robert 

• - 1 

Margaret Corbett 

Ruth Susan Couite 

Robert Crock 


Linda M. Cronin 

Robert A. Cushman 

Paul DeCouto 

Susan H. Cypher 

Patricia Ann Czarnomski 

Griffin T. Dalianis 

Rhonda L. Davis 

Douglas John Devine 

Michael DiCroce 

Peter E. Diman 

Kathleen A. Donnelly 

Linda M. Cronin 32 Wheeler Avenue, Rockland, Mass. EX. 

Robert A. Cushman 41 Highland St., S. Easton, Mass. B.A.T. 

Susan H. Cypher 31 Elva Rd., N. Weymouth, Mass. L.A.G. 

Patricia Ann Czarnomski 50 B St., Hull, Mass., L.A.T.E. 
Activities: Newman Club 2 Pat 

Griffin T. Dalianis 4 Morgan St., Randolph, Mass. LAT 
Activities: Vice-Pres., Student Government 1 Student Faculty 
Forum 2 Student Athletic Director 1, 2 President of Veterans Club 
2 Marshal of Graduation 1 Sports Editor of Newspaper 2 
Campus Representative for Foreign Study 2 Interests: Sports, 
Reading Painting Griff 

Rhonda L. Davis 1247 Bay Rd., Sharon, Mass. LAG Activities: 
Bowling Club 1 Students Toward Democratic Expansion 2 
Biology Lab 1, 2 Dairy Bar Crew 1, 2 Interests: Reading Cooking 

Paul DeCouto 11 Pleasant St., N. Easton, Mass. BAT 
Activities: Intramural Basketball 1 Intramural Baseball 1 Interests: 
Athletics Bruno 

Lesley Downes 

Marianne Driscoll 

Douglas John Devine 267 Neck St., No. Weymouth, Mass. 
LAG Interests: Sailing Horseback riding Teaching career Skiing 

Michael DiCroce 29 Florence St., Brockton, Mass. LAG 

Peter E. Diman 269 South St., W. Bridgewater, Mass. BAC 

Kathleen A. Donnelly 759 North Montello St., Brockton, Mass. 

Lesley Downes 289 Forest St., S. Weymouth, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Yearbook Staff 2, Massasoit Day 1, 2 

Marianne Driscoll 87 Summer St., Abington, Mass. EX. SEC. 

William E. Duhamel 416 Court St., Brockton, Mass. BAC 

Albert C. Duran, Jr. 46 Hillside Ave., East Braintree, Mass. 
LAG Activities: Ski Club 1, 2 Al 

Beverly Jean Elliott 70 Central St., Foxboro, Mass. EX SEC 
Activities: Cheerleading 1, 2 Captain 1 Ski Club 1, 2 

Norman Peter Everett 291 Pearl St., Stoughton, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Ski Club 1, Treasurer 2 Interests: Football Baseball Bus 
Driving Archeology Egyptology Pete 

Margaret T. Farren 73 Savin Hill Ave., Dorchester, Mass. 

William E. Duhamel 

William Farrell 30 Lyme St., E. Weymouth, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Hockey Club 1, 2 Interests: All Sports Bill 

Harriet N. Fenn 1 Tremont St., Brockton, Mass. LATE 

Melinda M. Ferro 25 Irving Ave., Brockton, Mass. EX SEC 

Mary A. Finn 110 Packard St., Avon, Mass. LATE Activities: 
Newspaper Staff 1, 2 Newman Club 2 Interests: Creative Writing 

Deborah A. Fisher 345 Spring St., Brockton, Mass. EX SEC 

Linda C. Fisher 281 North Franklin St., Holbrook, Mass. 

George E. Flood 175 Short St., Brockton, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Bowling Club 1 Interests: Bowling Dancing The 

Kathleen F. Flynn 49 Adams St., Holbrook, Mass. LATE 
Interests: Working with young people Local, State, & National 
Politics Kathy 

Albert C. Duran, Jr. 

Beverly Jean Elliott 




Norman Peter Everett 

Harriet N. Fenn 

Margaret T. Farren 

Melinda M. Ferro 

William Farrell 

Mary A. Finn 

Kathleen F. Flynn 

Deborah A. Fisher 

-9 A J 

Linda C. Fisher 

George E. Flood 


John F. Foley, Jr. 

Stanley E. Fongeallaz 

Suzanne C. Fortin 

John F. Foley, Jr. 74 Prospect St., Brockton, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Football 1 Baseball 2 Intramural Basketball 1 
Volleyball 1, 2 Lab Assistant 2 Ski Club 1, 2 Print Shop 2 
Interests: Biology Physical Education Pet Peeve Girls who smoke 

Stanley E. Fongeallaz South Meadow Road, Carver, Mass. ET 

Suzanne C. Fortin 108 Holmes Rd., N. Attleboro, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Newman Club 2 Secretary Interests: Reading Writing 

Carol Frazier 347 Pearl St., Brain tree, Mass. LATE Activities: 
Ski Club 1, 2 Chorus 2 Newman Club 2 Glee Club 2 Massasoit 
Day Activities 1, 2 

Jo Ann Freitas 46 Charles St., W. Bridgewater, Mass. BACA 

Mary Gannon 993 Washington St., Abington, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Newman Club 2 Interests: Plays Skiing Traveling 
Sewing Tennis Mary 

Allyn R. Gardner 32 Cushing Ave., Brockton, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Drama Club 1, 2 Interests: Political Science Golf 

Ursula M. Garfield 56 Loretta Ave., Rockland, Mass. LAG 

Dianne E. Gay 12 Walnut St., Foxboro, Mass. LATE Activi- 
ties: Student Council 2 Radio Club 1, 2 Finance Committee 2 
Girls Basketball 2 Dance Committee 2 Intramural Basketball 2 
Intramural Volleyball 2 

Linda Giampietro 185 Arlington St., Quincy, Mass. LATE 

Elizabeth M. Ghiorse 27 Beechwood Ave., E. Braintree, Mass. 

Lynn Ruth Goldstein 11 Clarke Court, Sharon, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Massasoit Day Committee 1 Bowling Club President 1 
Students Toward Democratic Expansion 2 Interests: Franko 
Knitting Painting Bowling Reading Fences Cooking Lynno, 
Weed, Boopsie 

Carol B. Goodfinger 3 Brentwood Ave., Avon, Mass. LATE 

JoAnn Freitas 

Mary Gannon 

Carol Frazier 

Dianne E. Gay 

Allyn R. Gardner 

Ursula M. Garfield 

Lynn Ruth Goldstein 

Linda Giampietro 

Elizabeth M. Ghiorse 

Judith A. Gregory 

Robert A. Hancock 

Dennis Grenier 

Richard J. Harb 

Meredith Hallin 

Kenneth Harris 

Pratricia Hart 

Stella Hatsiopoulas 

Jean Hayden 

Mary C. Healy 


Judith A. Gregory 12 Elsie Rd. Brockton, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Glee Club 2 Judy 

Dennis Grenier 28 Crickett R. Brockton, Mass. BAT Interests: 

Meredith Hallin 496 Spring St. W. Bridgewater, Mass Ex.S 

Robert A. Hancock 295 Bay Rd. Sharon, Mass. LATH 

Activities: Editor of Newspaper 2 Drama Club 2 Radio Club 2 

Finance Committee 2 Concert Committee 2 Interests: Drama 
Basketball Psychology Jazz Acid Rock Blues Rob 

Richard Joseph Harb 19 Sunset Dr. So. Easton, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Newspaper Photographer 2 

Kenneth Harris 3 Lisa Rd. Randolph, Mass. LATH Activities: 
Yearbook Staff 2 Interests: Auto-racing 

Patricis Hart 37 Independence Ave. Stoughton, Mass. Ex.S 

Stella Hatsiopoulas 6 Palm Place Brockton, Mass. Ex.S 

Jean Hay den 73 Brett St. Brockton, Mass. LAG Activities: 
Drama Club 2 President of COVA 2 Massasokit Art Association 2 

Mary C. Healy 31 Allen St. Scituate, Mass. LATE Interests: 
Swimming Water-skiing Tennis 

Robert J. Hedrick 9 Clark Circle Randolph, Mass. BAC 
Activities: Intramural Football 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2 

Ronald Holman 619 West Union St. E. Bridgewater Mass. 

Nancy Marie Hull 64 East St. Avon, Mass. LAG Activities: 
Literary Guild 1, 2 Intramural Basketball 1, 2 

1% #fc fj> 


Robert J. Hendrick 

Ronald Holman 

Nancy Marie Hull 

■',■■■'.•■ ^ "■■'■■■■' ■ 

Pratricia Hunt 

Betsey L. Hunter 

Katharine Hurley 

Jeanne Marie Hvoslef 

Eloise Anita Jacobs 

Janice Jacka 

Heidi C. Jacobsen 

Chris Johnson 


James R. Johnson, Jr. 

Shirley Jones 



' 'lr J 


Gary Jorgensen 

Richard W. Kanavey 

Nancy Kelly 

Patricia Hunt 15 Sullivan Rd. Stoughton, Mass. Ex.S 

Betsy L. Hunter 24 Highland Place So. Weymouth, Mass. 
LATE Activities: Cheerleader 1 Intramural Basketball and 
Volleyball 1, 2 Radio Club 1, Secy. 2 Massasoit Day Committee 2 

Katharine Hurley 47 Center St. Easton, Mass. LATE 

Jeanne Marie Hvoslef 36 Bird St. Stoughton, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Bowling Club Secy. 1 Newman Club 1, 2 Students for 
Democratic Expansion 2 Interests: Sewing Cooking Bowling 

Eloise Anita Jacobs 539 South Main St. Sharon, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Princess Massasoit 1 Vice-President Bowling Club 1 
Students for Democratic Expansion 2 Massasoit Day Committee 
1, 2 Interests: Bowling Horses Sewing 

Janice Jacka 67 Essex St. Weymouth, Mass. LAG Activities: 
Cheerleader 1, 2 Intramural Basketball and Volleyball 1, 2 
Massasoit Day Committee 1, 2 Ski Club 1, 2 Interests: Basketball 

Heidi G Jacobsen 80 West St. Braintree, Mass. LATE 

Chris Johnson 80 West St. Braintree, Mass. LATE Activities: 
Ski Club 1 Chorus 1 Newman Club 1, 2 Massasoit Day 1 

James R. Johnson Jr. 89 Bates Road Brockton, Mass. BAC 
Activities: Bowling Club 1 Intramural Basketball 1 

Shirley Jones 266 Flagg St. Bridgewater, Mass. LATH 
Interests: Peace Corps Bio-Chemistry Horseback riding 

Gary Jorgensen 114 South St. Stoughton, Mass. BAC Activities: 
Surfing Club 

Richard W. Kanavey 123 Union St. Bridgewater, Mass. BAC 

Nancy Kelly 1156 Park St. Stoughton, Mass. LATG 

Kristine Rita Kiely Broadway St. Hanover, Mass. LATH 

Paul Kilgallen 1233 Washington St. S. Braintree, Mass. BAC 

Kathy King 42 Carroll Ave. Brockton, Mass. LAG Activities: 
Yearbook Staff 1 Literary Guild 1, 2 Interests: Guitar Camping 

Barry Edward Knopp 33 Crawford Rd. Braintree, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Hockey Club 1, 2 Interests: Hockey Guitar Swimming 

Robert A. Kowalsky, Jr. 491 Plain St., Stoughton, Mass LAG 

Arlene Kovaluk 29 East Ave. Whitman, Mass. BAC 

Richard S. Kuusela 551 Randolph St. Abington, Mass. BAC 
Activities: Surf Club 1, 2 

John Lagsdin 189 Lakewood Dr. Stoughton, Mass. BAC 

Lesley Lawson 60 Walnut St. W. Bridgewater, Mass. Ex.S 

Michael J. Leary 536 Liberty St. Rockland, Mass. ET Interests: 
Sports Basketball Folk Music 

Rosemary Lemay 417 Randolph St. Abington, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Yearbook Staff 2 

Glenn Levellie Purchase St. Middleboro, Mass. BAC 

Wilfred J. LaCivita 45 Bradford St. Stoughton, Mass. BAT Will 

Kristine Rita Kiely 

Paul Kilgallen 

Kathy King 

Robert A. Kowalsky, Jr. 


Arlene Kovaluk 

Barry Edward Knopp 

Lealey Lawson 

Richard Kuusela 

John Lagsdin 

Wilfred J. LaCivita 

Michael J. Leary 

Rosemary Lemay 

Glenn Levellie 

■ „ * 

Kathy J. Lightbody 

Diana Lincoln 

Deborah Jane Lively 

Kathy J. Lightbody 167 Cocasset St. Foxboro, Mass. BACA 

Diana Lincoln 65 Greenwood St. Rockland, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Newman Club 1, 2 Dee 

Deborah Jane Lively 108 Quincy St. Holbrook, Mass. Ex.S 
Activities: Cheerleader 1 

Marie Long 205 Ettriek St. Brockton, Mass. Ex.S. 

Geoffrey Loomis 34 Crossley St. Abington, Mass. BAC Activi- 
ties: Hockey Club 1, 2 Surf Club 1, 2 

Loreen Lucier 137 Channing Ave. Brockton, Mass. Ex.S 

Arthur E. Luiz Plain Street Berkley, Mass. LATH Activities: 
Student Government Rep. 2 Literary Guild 1, 2 Chorus 2 

Raymond Pat Lyons 36 Berlin St. Rockland, Mass. ET Activi- 
ties: Basketball 1, 2 Interests: Sports cars Food 

Richard Lyon 693 Washington St. Abington, Mass. BAC Activi- 
ties: Surf Club 1, 2 

Nancy MacLean 22 Hilltop Rd. No. Weymouth, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Recording Secy, to Student Government 2 Ski Club 1, 
2 Green Key Dance Committee 2 Open House Committee 1, 2 
Corresponding Secy, to Student Government 1 

Janet M. Madonna 15 DuPont Circle Brockton, Mass. Ex.S 

Marjorie Maguire 1100 Pleasant St. Bridgewater, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Newman Club 2 Interests: Biology Math Margie 

Bruce A. Malenfant 67 Ingrid Rd. Weymouth, Mass. LATH 
Activities: Student Government 2 Baseball 1, 2 Intramural 
Football 1, 2 Green Key Society Interests: Athletics Sports cars 



Geoffrey Loomis 

Loreen Lucier 

Marie Long 

? : :* 

Richard Lyon 

Arthur E. Luiz 

Raymond Pat Lyons 

Bruce A. Malenfant 

Nancy MacLean 

Janet M. Madonna 

Marjorie Maguire 

Kathleen Marchand 

Donna E. Margeson 

Linda G. Mariani 

Francis L. Marini 

Robert McCrillis 

Ann Marie McCarthy 

Martin R. McCartney 

Earle McDonald 

Kathleen McElwee 

Jean McEnroe 


Kathleen Marchand 12 Moulton St., Brockton, Mass. LATE 

Donna E. Margeson 46 Otis Hill Rd., Hingham, Mass. LATH 
Activities: 2 Donna 

Linda G. Mariani 383 Forest Ave., Brockton, Mass. LATE 

Francis L. Marini 190 King St., Hanson, Mass. BAT Activities: 
Studying Interests: Football Baseball Golf Hunting My Wife Fran 

Ann Marie McCarthy 352 Beulah St., Whitman, Mass. BACA 

Martin R. McCartney 234 Walnut St., Braintree, Mass. ET 

Robert McCrillis 486 Adams St., N. Abington, Mass. ET Bob 

Earle McDonald 34 Boscobel St., So. Braintree, Mass. BAT 
Interests: Basketball Football Card Playing Buzzy 

Kathleen McElwee Knollwood Rd., Norwell, Mass. LAG 

Jean McEnroe 284 Grafton St., Brockton, Mass. LAG Activities: 
Ski Club 1 Class Treasurer 2 Karate Klub 2 Newman Club 2 
Yearbook Staff 2 Massa Cova 2 Student Faculty Council 2 
Bookstore 1, 2 Miss Massasoit 2 Chorus 2 Green Key Society In- 
terests: (D.W.C.) Horseback Riding Swimming Teaching Business 

Thomas A. McMullen 61 Prospect St., Brockton, Mass. BAC 

Michael McGuire 8 Irvington St., Brockton, Mass. BAC 

Timmy Mee 109 Kent St., Scituate, Mass. LATH Interests: 
Reading Track Hockey Weightlifting Cars Ancient History & 
Literature Hope to be a teacher 

Thomas A. McMullen 

Michael McGuire 

Timmy Mee 

j BWfa 

Jack Meehl Jr. 

Gary G. Melford 

Gavin J. Melford 

Paul Melnitsky 

Marie McElwee 

Gregory E. Milligan 

Christine L. Miskinis 

Richard S. Mitton 

John N. Mullen 

Elizabeth J. Mulligan 




Linda Murphy 

Michael A. Norrman 

Kevin O'Connor 

Jack Meehl, Jr. 100 Oak Lane, Brockton, Mass. BAC 
Activities: Ski Club 1 

Gary G Melford 5 Hatch Rd., Pembroke, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Quill 1 Student Activities Committee 1, 2 Veterans 
Club 1, 2 Intramural Football 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2 Volleyball 1, 2 
Green Key Society. 

Galvin J. Melford 5 Hatch Rd., Pembroke, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Yearbook Staff 2 Football 1, 2 Intramural Basketball 1, 
2 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2 Student Activities Committee 1, 2 

Paul Melnitsky 116 Highview St., Westwood, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Intramural Basketball 1 Intramural Football 1 
Yearbook Staff 1 Interests: Basketball Sking beach Girls Mel 

Marie McElwee Knollwood Rd., Norwell, Mass. LAG 

Gregory E. Milligan 437 N. Central St., E. Bridgewater, Mass. 

Richard S. Mitton Toole Trail, Pembroke, Mass. BAT 

Christine L. Mis kins 47 Thomas St., Stoughton, Mass. EXEC 

John N. Mullen 198 So. Main St., Middleboro, Mass. BAC 
Activities: Intramural Football 1 

Elizabeth J. Mulligan 67 North St., Williamstown, Mass. LAG 

Linda Murphy 159 Pine St., Bridgewater, Mass. LATE 

Michael A. Norrman 10 Columbus Ave., N. Easton, Mass. BAC 
Activities: Election Committee 2 Open House Committee 1, 2 
Intramural Football 1, 2 Intramural Basketball 1, 2 Election Com- 
mittee for Chief, Princess, Miss Massasoit 2 Work-Study 1, 2 
Intramural Volleyball 1, 2 Surf Club 1, 2 Radio Club 1 Newman 
Club 2 Ski Club 1, 2 Concert Committee 2 

Kevin O'Connor 37 Antwerp St., Milton, Mass. LATH Activities: 
Intramural Football 1, 2 Baseball 1 Business Manager Yearbook 2 
Interests: Auto School Drag Racing Skiing 


Arthur M. O'Neill 18 Ridge Hill Ave. Brockton, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Baseball 1, 2 Ski Club 1, 2 Radio Club 1 Interests: Cars 

Kirk Ollerhead 43 Lyman Road Milton, Mass. LATH Activi- 
ties: Football 1, Baseball 1 Interests: Sports Cars Ollie 

Diana O'Roak Palmer Road Plympton, Mass. BAC Activities: 
Massasoit Day Committee 1 

Terry-Lee Ostlund 111 Carr Road Duxbury, Mass. BACM 
Activities: Ski Club 

Harvey Mark Perkins 178 Chestnut St. Foxboro, Mass. LATH 
Activities: Intramural Basketball 1 Interests: Golf, Billiards Bay 
State Raceway 

Harold Powers 41 Pond Lane Randolph, Mass. BAC Activities: 
Football 1 Basketball 1 

Josephine M. Powers 11 Alma Ave. Pembroke, Mass. BACA 
Activities: Yearbook Bookkeeper 1 Newspaper Bookkeeper 1 

Alan Pratt Manley Road West Bridgewater, Mass., LATS 
Activities: Chess Club 1 Interests: Chess 

Judith Ellen Pratt 33 Loring St. Brockton, Mass. LAG 

John Edward Quartarone 5 Leonard St. Foxboro, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Chorus 2 Karate Klub 2 Interests: Piano Hockey 

Sydney Queripel 514 Cresent St. E. Bridgewater, Mass. LATE 

Judith Quimby 311 South St. Holbrook, Mass. Ex.S 

Margaret Richards 12 W. Patterson Ave. Randolph, Mass. Ex.S 

Arthur M. O'Neill 

Kirk Ollerhead 

Diana O'Roak 

Terry-Lee Ostlund 

Josephine M. Powers 

Harvey Mark Perkins 

Alan Pratt 

Harold Powers 

Judith Ellen Pratt 

Margaret Richards 

John Edward Quartarone 

Sydney Queripel 

Judith Quimby 

*£ I 





Rebecca Ann Roper 

Allan Ruback 

John Ryder 

Rebecca Ann Roper 257 Middleboro Ave. Taunton, Mass. 
LATE Activities: Chorus 2 Literary Guild 1, 2 Interests: Guitar 
travel Skating 

Allan Ruback 339 Hamilton St. Quincy, Mass. BAT 

John Ryder 20 Rodwell St. Brockton, Mass. BAT Activities: 
Intramural Basketball 1, 2 Intramural Football 1 Mitch 

Arlene R. Saltzberg 5 Truelson Dr. Randolph, Mass. LAG 
Kathleen Sargent 35 W. Division St. Holbrook, Mass. Ex.S 

John Savichi 2 A Plain St., W. Bridgewater, Mass. LAG 
Interests: Billiards 

Terry Scanlon 43 Ellis Circle, S. Weymouth, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Bowling Club 1 

Ronald J. Scielzo 240 Long Hill Rd., Little Falls, N.J. LAG 

Janet G. Scribner 42 Greenvale Ave., Weymouth, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Cheerleader 1 Intramural Volleyball 1 Intramural 
Basketball 1 Massasoit Day Committee 1, 2 Ski Club 1, 2 
Newspaper 1, 2 Mascot 2 Work-Study 1, 2 Green Key Society 
Interests: Sports Swimming Ice-Skating Scribbles 

Mary L. Shaughnessy 1450 Vernon St., Bridgewater, Mass. 
LATE Activities: Radio Club 1, 2 Drama Club 1, 2 

Rosemary Sheehan 92 Manomet St., Brockton, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Gle Club 1, Interests: Sewing Reading Ro 

Shirley Ann Sheehan 372 Pine St., S. Weymouth, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Intramural Basketball 1, 2 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2 
Drama Club 1, 2 

Ann M. Shepardson 31 Belmont St., S. Easton, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Yearbook Staff 1 Massasoit Day Committee 1, 2 Tennis 
Club 1 Interests: Travel 


Kathleen Sargent 

John Savichi 

Arlene R. Saltzberg 

Janet G. Scribner 

Terry Scanlon 

Ronald J. Scielzo 

Ann M. Shepardson 

Mary L. Shaughnessy 

Rosemary Sheehan 

Shirley Ann Sheehan 


Deborah Smith 

Diane M. Tanasso 

Elaine Spidi 

John Tenney 

Elizabeth Ann Stringe 

Roger S. Thomas 

David E. Thompson, Jr. 

Charles William Thorpe 


Linda Tivnan 

Linda E. Tousignant 




Deborah Smith 260 Central St. Foxboro, Mass. BAC Activities: 
Cheerleader 1, 2 

Elaine Spidi 6 Winter Ter. Westwood, Mass. LATE 

Elizabeth Ann Stringe 49 Roslyn Rd. Brockton, Mass. Ex.S 

Diane M. Tanallo 38 Glenwood Sq. Brockton, Mass. Ex.S 

John Tenney 730 Center St. No. Dighton, Mass. LAG 

Roger S. Thomas 31 North St. Middleboro, Mass. LAG 
Interests: Hockey 

David E. Thompson, Jr. 44 Glen Ave. Brockton, 
Mass. Interests: Music Cars Food 

Charles William Thorpe 88 Pacific Rd. Rockland, Mass. 
Activities: Intramural Sports Interests: Sports Music 

Linda A. Tivnan 56 Tamarack Trail So. Weymouth, Mass. 

Linda E. Tousignant 175 Perkins Ave. Brockton, Mass. Ex.S 

Jane Anne Turner 215 Main St. Foxboro, Mass. Ex.S 

Jean E. Turner 43 Market St. Brockton, Mass. LATH Interests: 
Sailing Skiing Reading Riding Ice Skating Swimming 

John S. VanSyckel, III 80 Pond Plain Rd. Westwood, Mass. 
BAT Activities: Yearbook Staff 1, Editor 2 Contributing Editor to 
Newspaper 2 Finance Committee 2 Editor of Finance Committee 
Publications 2 Open House Committee 1, 2 Massasoit Day Com- 
mittee 1, 2 Intramural Football 1, 2 Weight Lifting Club 2 
Green Key Society Interests: Football Skiing 

.. ) 


Jane Anne Turner 

Jean E. Turner 

John S. VanSyckel. Ill 

Kathleen Ann Vickery 


Mary Ann Vroom 

James Walker 

Kathleen Ann Vickery 280 Center St. Pembroke, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Tally-Ho Club 2 Interests: Riding Psychology 

Mary Ann Vroom 285 Sycamore St. Holbrook, Mass. LATE 
Activities: Newman Club 2 

James Walker 12 Pond Lane, Randolph, Mass. LAG Activities: 
Student Council 2 Chairman, Student Activities Committee 2 
Hockey Club 1, 2 Intramural Football 1, 2 Intramural Volleyball 
1, 2 Weight Lifting Club 2 Green Key Society Interests: History 

Linda Wall 70 Casey St. Norwood, Mass. LATE Activities: 
Bowling Club 1 

Denise Weinstock 116 Sharon St. Brockton, Mass. Ex.S 

Nancy Wetherbee 300 Elm St. Pembroke, Mass. LAG 
Activities: Party Committee 1, 2 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2 

Nancy Wilbur 38 Tremont St. Brockton, Mass. Ex.S Activities: 
Yearbook Staff 1, Co-Editor 2 

Neil Willins 78 Park Rd. Brockton, Mass. BAC 

Cheryl Willis 497 Ash St. Brockton, Mass. LATE 

Dean Willis 22 Revere St. Holbrook, Mass. LAG 

Donald Willis Stony Hill Rd. Wilbraham, Mass. BAT 

Helen Wise 73 Battles St. Brockton, Mass. EX.S 

Cheryl Ann Wolensky 56 Rose Way Holbrook, Mass. Ex.S 


Denise Weinstock 

Nancy Wetherbee 

Linda Wall 

Cheryl Willis 

Nancy Wilbur 

Neil Willins 

Cheryl Ann Wolinsky 

Dean Willis, Jr. 

Donald Willis 


Helen Wise 




Pauline Zullo 

Pauline Zullo 37 Prince St. Milton, Mass. Ex.S 

Paul Grenier 4 Dixon Park Rd. Weymouth, Mass. BACA 

Benjamin Mackiewicz Park St. Middleboro, Mass. BAT 

Paul Grenier 

Benjam Mackiewicz 


— p»^ 







Massasoit 12 

Bridgewater State 8 

Massa Mad Men 


: ■ H 






also: Cathy Hicks 
Beverly Elliot 
Kathy Mac 
Debbie Lively 






Coach Fitzgerald 





















Coach Otis and Asst. Athletic Director Dalianis 

Team Manager Ron 

Big John 



The Baseball Team of Massa 




Three of the best 

At practice? 


Glen, weren't you the one who used my towel? 

Was it really that big? 

No Mel, it's suppose to be a basketball game. 











This year Bob Cugno was the most predominant figure in the Journalism section 
of our student activities. His controversial editorials stirred up much discussion, 
and raised many questions in the minds of the students. 

Recognition must also be given to two others on the Quill staff. Bob Hancock and 
Fred Hoyle, who gave up considerable time for the newspaper. 

Editor J. Robert Cugno 

Members of Quill 

Staff Bob Hancock 

Fred Hoyle 

Gary Melford 

Kevin Monaghan 

Hank VanLarrhoven 

Kathy Davis 

Ted Haskell 

Jane Richardson 

Tom Kosonen 


J. Robert Cugno — Editor 


Rick Eary 

John VanSyckel 

Professor Elliot-Smith 

VOL. 3 NO. 3 


NOVEMBER 25, 1968 

Third Annual Massasoit Day Festivities 


Tickets for the Massasoit Day Concert featuring the Charles River Val- 
ley Boys and Dayle Stanley are available through the Director of Stu- 
dent Activities Office. 

New Massa 

Many of the students at M.C.C. 
are well aware of the fact that a 
new Massasoit building and campus 
is in the making. There are many 
more however, who know little or 
nothing about this new school other 
than its location. After both an in- 
teresting and informative interview 
with Dr. Musselman and Dean Sim- 
mons, many facts about the new 
school were brought to light. 

The new school was first con- 
ceived by civic leaders in Brockton 
about six years ago. The school will 
be on a hundred-acre lot in Brock- 
ton, and will house 2500 full-time 
day students. With the new facili- 
ties go new programs; and the 
Brockton campus will offer a var- 
ied number of them. For example 
commercial art, denta 1 hygiene, 
marine biology, data processing 
and a very interesting course in en- 
vironmental science, dealing with 
the ghastly problems we see in- 
creasing every day — air pollution 
(cough, cough) and waste products. 
With such tempting new programs 
we all may just quit now and re- 
enter in September 1970 (Proposed 
date school will be ready). 

Certainly though, the new Massa- 
soit in Brockton will be a credit 
not only to the community and its 
future students, but to us — the 
future alumni. 

Lounge Addition 

An abstract painting was loaned 
to Massasoit by Paul Elliott-Smith 
of N.Y. City. Mister Elliott-Smith 
is the brother of Massa's own T. P. 
Elliott-Smith. It will be unveiled on 
Massasoit Day. The paper guaran- 
tees you will not believe your eyes. 
The painting will be hung in the 
student lounge. 

Student Activities 

The Student Activities Committee 
meets every Thursday in the Stu- 
dent Activities Office. The chair- 
man is James Walker. The five 
members at large are : John Robert 
Cugno, John Olson, Debby Pollseno, 
John Crelease and Gary Melford. 

The function of this committee 
is to assist the students in organi- 
zing a chartered club or activity. 
This committee has the authority 
to request that an organization be 
disbanded for failure to comply 
with the rules set up by the stu- 
dent association. The members of 
the Student Activities Committee 
request the cooperation of all clubs 
and activities. 

Sex on Campus 

The Massasoit Chapter of the Nat- 
ional Newman Club was honored on 
November 5, with a visit from Rev. 
Fr. Charles Poirier OSB, a Bene- 
dictine Monk. Fr. Poirier spoke to 
a large number of students, both 
freshmen and sophomores, on a 
timely subject, "Sex on the College 
Campus." He spoke for the young 
people of today, giving both sides 
of this pressing religious, moral, 
and social problem. His approach 
was not one of the self-righteous 
observer, but rather as an inter- 
ested individual involved in help- 
ing young people solve the prob- 
lems facing them. The reaction to 
Fr. Poirier's talk was very favor- 
able and the officers of the New- 
man Club hope that this good show- 
ing will continue when future speak- 
ers are invited. They are grateful 
to Fr. Poirier for coming to the 
campus, and hope that with this 
fine beginning the Newman Club at 
Massasoit may grow in size and 

Massasoit Community College was named in honor of the chief sachem of the Wam- 
panoag Indians at the time of pilgrims landing at Plymouth, Chief Massasoit. It was through 
one of his aids, Squanto, that these first settlers learned of Massasoit's friendliness and will- 
ingness to help them. And it was with great respect for this man that the first class at Mass- 
asoit established the tradition of the annual Massasoit Day festivities. These festivities are 
held each year on the Wednesday preceeding Thanksgiving which, this year will be on Nov- 
ember 27. 

On Tuesday night, November 26, 
there will be a dinner-dance at the 
South Weymouth Naval Air Sta- 
tion for faculty, administration, al- 
umni, and the advisory board. For 
the students there will be a mixer 
at the mam campus of the college. 

Massasoit Day itself will begin 
with the cancellation of classes at 
9:30 a.m. The festivities will begin 
with a formal ceremony at 10 
o'clock at which time Dr. Mussel- 
man, president of the college; Dr. 
Carchidi and Mrs. Wheately, chair- 
man and co-chairman of the advis- 
ory board respectively; Bob Briana 
president of the class of 1969; and 
Rick Markt, president of the class 

Mail Call 

Christmas will be here soon. For 
those of us at home, Christmas will 
be a season for vacation, shopping, 
and family get-togethers. But what 
about our servicemen who are sta- 
tioned overseas? There won't be 
any family reunions or Christmas 
trees for them. Of course, that 
doesn't mean that we can't bring 
a little bit of home to them. And 
that is the purpose of the "Vietnam 
Mail Call." It is up to those of us 
at home to let the G.I.s know that 
we have not forgotten them. We 
can all do this by contributing to 
The Mail Call. All we ask you to do 
is place a signed Christmas card in 
an envelope and mark it, "for a 
G.I." No stamp is necessary. There 
are deposit boxes for these in the 
lounge, cafeteria, and other areas 
of the school. We ask for as many 
cards' from students of both cam- 
puses as you care to contribute. If 
you choose to include your own 
name and address, the G.I. who re- 
ceives your card may wish to write 
a thank you. Your cards will be 
sent to Vietnam free of charge by 
the U.S.O. This is a nation-wide 
program being sponsored at our 
college by the Massasoit Chapter of 
the Newman Club. Please try to 
contribute at least one Christmas 
card. Think how you would feel if 
you were spending Christmas in 
a jungle thousands of miles away 
from your home and family. 
Wouldn't you appreciate some ex- 
tra mail, especially at Christmas 

of 1?SS will engage in the presenta- 
tion of a "Framed Deed" to the 
site of the new property for Massa- 
soit Community College. This will 
be followed by the presentation of 
Chief Massasoit and Miss Massa- 

This year's program will also 
consist of a light operetta and a 
jazz presentation under the direc- 
tion of Miss La Dolce. Other activi- 
ties will include a tug of war be- 
tween the freshman and the sopho- 
mores and alumni as well as a bas- 
ketball game between students and 
faculty. A free Buffet will be held 
in the gym at the main campus at 

The day's festivities will close 
with a concert presented at the 
North Abington campus auditorium 

at 8:00 P.M. featuring the Charles 
River Valley Boys and Dale Stan- 
ley, one of Boston's most outstand- 
ing folk singers. Tickets for the 
concert are $2.00 reserved and $2.50 
at the door. Reserved tickets are 
available through the director of 
student activities office. 

Over the past two years, Massa- 
soit Day has come to mean a lot to 
the school and it is sincerely wished 
that, through the active participa- 
tion of all the students, this day can 
come* to mean even more to the 
students of the future. Massasoit 
Community College may be young 
but traditions have already been 

A complete schedule of all activi- 
ties to take place on this the third 
annual Massasoit Day follows: 

Massasoit Day Events Schedule 

9:30 A.M. Cancel Classes for 10:00 A.M. convocation 
10:15 A.M. Convocation: a. Formal ceremony (15 min.) presentation 

of "Framed Deed" to cite of new property 
Dr. Musselman, Dr. Carchidi, Mrs. 

Bob Briana President of the Class of 1968 
Rick Markt President of the Class of 1969 

b. Presentation of Chief Massasoit and Miss 
Massasoit (10 min.) 

c. Chorus presentation of light operetta (15 

d. Jazz Presentation 
11:00 A.M. Art Exhibit-COVA 

12:30-1:30 P.M. Buffet in gym — everyone invited 
2:00 P.M. Freshman vs. Sophomore-Alumni tug of war. 
2:10 P.M. AUstar Tag Football Game. 
3:00 P.M. Faculty- Alumni vs Students Basketball Game 
4:15 P.M. Alumni Meeting with Dr. Musselman and Advisory Board 
8:00 P.M. Concert: Charles River Valley Boys and Dale Stanley 

Sultry Poetess at Massa 

On Wednesday, November 6, twenty-five to thirty people 
sat in chair-decks circled around a gaunt but attractive 
woman in her 40's, Mrs. Anne Sexton. 

Mrs. Sexton lounged gracefully in 
an arm chair with a cigarette hang- 
ing from her left hand and a coffee 
table beside her in front of the gym 

A poetess had come to Massasoit. 

Mrs. Sexton introduced her first 
poem, "Her Kind", as one that had 
caused a very proper Bostonian 
walkout of a reading. The poem was 
a series of images describing hard, 
alienated, and slightly evil women, 
all of whom Mrs. Sexton admitted 
being part. From a slightly decad- 

ent mood she shifted to one of pain 
and anguish with a poem on her 
father's funeral. 

"The Truth The Dead Know", dis- 
cussed the weiriness and hopeless- 
ness with which she approached 
her father's funeral; it having come 
quickly after the death of one of 
her daughters and her mother. In 
it she says, "I'm tired of being 

Continuing to shift moods she 
read "Youth". She prefaced it by 
(Continued on Pace 4) 


The Radio Club which began operation last year, has really increased their 
activities this year. A transmitter was installed and instead of closed broadcasting 
to the student lounge, WRSH now can be heard at 610 on the AM dial. 

The aim of the Radio Club is to provide practical knowledge and experience for 
those who want careers in radio or television broadcasting. 

Manager and Program Director Mike Callahan 

Asst. Manager Steve Thayer 

Business Manager Dianne Gay 

Secretary Betsey Hunter 

Members Frank Hines 

Peter Pircio 

Gordon English 

Mary Ann White 

John Carlson 

Norman Appel 

Peter Everett 

Cathy Clark 

Jack Alexander 

Cathy Davis 

Bob Hancock 

David Thompson 

Elliot Levin 

Advisor Professor Hardy 



Betsey Hunter, Gordon English, Mike Callahan, Dianne Gay. David Thompson, Steve Thayer. Cathy 
Clark, Norman Appel 



Paul Colburn. Mary Colburn, Sheila Cleary. Garre Swain. Jean Hayden. Winston Slone. Charles 
Carron, Martha Winston. Ron Lembo 



Massasoit Committee on Visual Arts 

COVA or the Committee on Visual Arts of Massasoit is an activity in which 
participation is not limited to the student body only, members are also drawn 
from the student's parents as well as the faculty. 

The purposes of COVA is to broaden the cultural aspects of the students, and the 
faculty. They have done this by presenting several art exhibits during the year, 
and also sponsoring a trip to Europe over the summer vacation. 

Members R on Lembo 

Martha Winston 

Charles Carron 

Winston Slone 

Jean Hayden 

Garre Swain 

Sheila Cleary 

Mary Colburn 

Paul Colburn 

Joe Santoro 

Nancy Kelly 

Paula Engerman 

Professor Keating 






The Sign Shop has become an important part of the news media at Massasoit, it is 
the talents and hard work of Jim Burbank and John Foley that keep the students 
informed of what is happening around the school. 

Members Jim Burbank 


John Foley 
Professor Otis 

Sign Shop 

Ski Club 


The Ski Club at Massasoit has been responsible for many good times this year. 
They have sponsored trips to the various ski areas in the New England area, the 
most notable being a week long affair at North Conway. 

The purpose of the Massasoit Ski Club is to give to the students a knowledge and 
a taste of this popular sport, and to become a member of the Inter-collegiate Ski 



. . . Peggy Farren 

Art O'Neil 

Linda Tivnan 

Peter Everett 

Ruth Bayer 

Leo Kobs 

John Foley 

Jerry Whitney 

James Castagnozzi 

. Professor Russell 

Professor Colburn 



The Weight-lifting Club is a new addition to the list of clubs and activities this 
year, with it's objectives being to provide a safe and adequate place for students to 
persue their lifting activities. 

Members Jim Castagnozzi 

Bob Briana 

John VanSyckel 

Dave Ewell 

Advisor Professor McPeake 



• MM 



J. Kevin Fulton 

Robert Perry 

Joe Mann 

Don Willis 

Don Pendleton 

Robert Guppy 

Warren Copp 

Professor Small 

Professor DeMers 

Chess Club 

The Chess Club is another activity in its second year. The purposes of the Chess 
Club are to provide a time and place to play chess, to help each member improve 
his game, and to lay the foundation for a larger and active club in the years to 


Students For Democratic Expansion 

Paul Colburn, Marie Colburn, Jean Turner, Lynn Goldstein, Hank VanLarrhoven, Joseph Santoro, 
Jean Hayden. Prof. Chase. 



The SDE has been very active on campus through the year. 

The club has sponsored meeting and debates on the subject of lowering the voting 
age to eighteen, also they have acquired various speakers to talk on our political 
structure. Among them Senator Burke. 

Massasoit Community College was represented at the Inter-collegiate Government 
Day in Boston by a member of the Students for Democratic Expansion. 

The SDE was also instrumental in defeating a bill in the Massachusetts house to 
raise the tuition rates at state schools. 

The aim of the Students for Democratic Expansion is to be more informed, and to 
inform the students of what is going on in our Federal, State, and Local 

Members Paul Colburn 

Jean Turner 


Marie Colburn 

Hank VanLarrhoven 

Joe Santoro 

Jean Hayden 

Lynn Goldstein 

. . Professor Chase 



The Veterans Club of Massasoit is made up of students who have spent ninety 
days on active service in one of the armed forces of the United States. 

The objectives of the Club is to assist fellow veterans both academically and 
socially, to answer queries of students concerning the military, to uphold and 
advance the ideals of democracy and the American way of life, and to be of 
service to both the college and the community. 

President Griff Dalainis 

Vice. Pres Peter Cignarella 

Secretary Gary G. Melford 

Treasurer Robert Hayes 

Members Hank VanLarrhoven 

Bruce A. Malenfant 

Ron Lembo 

Dean E. Willis 

Gerald Galvin 

J. Thomas Smith 

Joseph Brennen 

Peter Akeke 

Advisor Professor Gay 


row 1 Griff Dalainas, Peter Cignarella, Ron Lembo Bruce Melford. Joe Santoro. row 3 Bob Haves. Walter Balishko. Alan 

Malenfant row 2 Hank VanLarrhoven, Ron Sczelco, Gary G. Meicefe. Paul Colburn 

Veterans Club 



It is through the Student Council working in conjunction with the Director of 
Student Activities that the College encourages student participation in all phases 
of college life. 

All extracurricular and student activities fall within the poverance of the Student 
Council. The Student Council sponsors various social, athletic, cultural, and 
literary efforts of the student body. 

President Bob Briana 

Vice Pres Buckey Butkevich 

Recording Secy Nancy McLean 

Corresponding Secy Holly Sloan 

Treasurer Jean McEnroe 

Members Melbourne Mapp 

Bruce Malenfant 

Marie Salivici 

Mike Callahan 

Jim Walker 

Dianne Gay 

Mary Ann Kelly 

Jane Carrol 

Director of Student Activities 

Professor John D. McPeake 


row 1 Mel Mapp, Holly Slone, Mary Ann Kelly, Jane Carrol. Buckey Buckevith row 2 Mike Callahan. 
Jim Walker, Dianne Gay. Jean McEnroe, Bruce Malenfant 

Student Council 



Literary Guild 



The Literary Guild is responsible for the publication of Ipsedixit (Latin: He 
Speaks Himself), which is a student magazine composed of written works, 
drawings, photographs, paintings, or other art forms contributed by Guild 
members or any member of the student body. 

The objectives of the Guild is to stimulate interest and provide mutual aid and 
appreciation of literature in general, and to encourage and criticize the members 

Members Warren Kelly 

David Coakley 
Robert Guppy 
Phyllis Greene 
Frank Hinds 
Shirley Waters 
Walter Gustafson 
John Fiatarone 
Jack Alexander 
David Cosman 
Kevin Monaghan 
Dierdre Fisher 
James Elasaesser 
Advisor Professor Maxwell 





The Drama Club of Massasoit was formed to provide the student an outlet for 
creative and purposeful endeavors and to provide the college with an organization 
to utilize the talents of it's students and faculty. 

The Club has forwarded it's purpose by presenting various plays, performed by 
the students and faculty throughout the year. 

Members Joe Santoro 

Allan J. Merak 

James Condon 

Allyn Gardner 

Chris Pharmer 

Jean Hayden 

Paul Colburn 

Sheila Cleary 

Jean Turner 

Advisor Professor Chase 


Drama Club 







Established in 1968, the Green Key is an honorary activities society designed to 
recognize the contributions made by students in the college and the wider 
community. Although selection is primarily based of leadership, participation, and 
unselfish contributions of ones time, energy and ability, the student must also be 
making satisfactory progress in his academic pursuits. Membership in this 
organization represents the highest honor this College can bestow for outstanding 
leadership and service to the College and the community of which we are a part. 


Robert Briana 

Nancy McLean 

Fred Hoyle 

George Baldwin 

Melbourne Mapp 

John VanSyckel 

Holly Sloan 

Mary Anne Kelly 

GrifT Dalianis 

David Coackley 

Henery VanLarrhoven 

Margret Farren 

Gary Melford 

Janet Scribner 

Jean McEnroe 

Jim Walker 

Dick Cerci 

Dee Fisher 

Bruce Malenfant 

Robert Hancock 

Alice Desautel 




<p as srne 



cocDCDu < nn?y 


■ . . 



<:• ■ 
















HHB^"- j 






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31 ' • ' ■" 





B^ifM^^B 1 

in 1 

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i% r ^1 

y f ' - 

^H 1 

p 1 


I; ■ 



" ' * 7 


— ""* . 







ft] /^' K A iflllH^Lk 

_ 1 



; 'V 

Business Phone 

230 Union Street 
Holbrook, Mass. 

D. & B. Caterers, Inc. 

Weddings, Banquets, Buffets, 
Clambakes, Barbecues 



Mr. & Mrs. Norman LeMay 

Mr. & Mrs. Bronis Barakauskas 

Mr. & Mrs. Levellie 

Mr. & Mrs. Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Cushman 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Shepardson 

Irien Diman 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. LaCivita 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Olson 

Mr. & Mrs. Duhamel 

Mr. & Mrs. Gardner 

Taylor's Garage 

Mr. & Mrs. Hays 

Best Wishes 


157 Union Street 
Rockland, Mass. 


Mr. & Mrs. Will 

Mrs. Rita Fisher 

Mr. Gurney 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Mc Mullen 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Ghetti 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur O'Neil 

Mr. J. McDonald 

Mr. H. Casperson 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Lincoln 

Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Thorpe 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Valself 

Mr. & Mrs. Barbuto 

Mr. & Mrs. John McCartney 

Mr. John Long 

Mrs. Mary Dyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Fortin 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl White 

Mr. & Mrs. William Harb 

Mr. & Mrs. Mackiewicz 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Belusko 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Morin 

Mr. & Mrs. M. E. McDonald 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Adelbert Baker 

Mr. & Mrs. Saraceno 

Gurney Brothers 


Community College 

Pens, Pencils, Bookcovers, Erasers 

Staples, Contemporary Cards, 

Key Chains, Schaum Outline Series, 

Rulers, Charms, Posters, Lighters, 

Mugs, Ashtrays, College Stationery, 

Glasses, Drafting Supplies, Notebooks, 

Paperbacks (250 titles) 


• • 9 


Brockton ftJWM&OI^I Company 




195 Main St Brockton 
Fall River Shopping Plaza 







-timm ii «i hi «p 



—--*- > *^-^—**'^*^ A "-^-^"— *-•"*"" 11 - — -- — .^^..-^.u— -..^n ■._. 

— --•■ J "--' *— ■ '